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Two vital components of keeping your lawn in good shape are trimming and pruning. Employing experienced landscaping services for these important tasks can mean the difference between vibrant plants and early deterioration. Our trained and experienced staff know exactly how much of the plant or tree is safe to prune. To ensure beauty and good health, all shrubs and ornamental plants will be trimmed as appropriate to the plant. The trimming of flowering shrubs will be conducted after their normal flowering has finished, June through September.

Plants, trees and shrubs must be properly prepared for the dormant season. Fall landscape maintenance lays the foundation for a fruitful growing season. Leaving overgrown or diseased branches and plants throughout the winter can allow the damage to spread. Our experienced lawncare maintenance staff will assess your trees and shrubs for damage and health issues. This assessment forms the blueprint for the pruning and thinning to be performed. Since we have extensive experience with a wide variety of local species we are well-versed with plant systems and their growing cycles.

Benefits of Tree and shrub trimming:

  • Trimming reduces susceptibility to disease.
  • Trimming reduces the risk of property damage caused by heavy wind / windstorms.
  • Trimming allows more sunlight to get through to your plants, encouraging growth.
  • Trimming keeps some types of trees healthy and structurally sound.
  • Trimming improves the appearance of your property.

We offer lawn maintenance on a weekly or bi-weekly schedule. We DO NOT require that or customers sign a contract as we believe our commitment to quality work and reliability will create satisfied long term customers. One time cuts are also available.
As well as:

  • Landscape design and installation.
  • Vegetable and flower gardens.
  • Driveway install and repair.
  • Bush hog and other small tractor services.
  • Tree and shrub trimming.